Relationships After Loss

5 Episodes

Episode 1 : Relationships Change After Loss

Introduction to Relationships After Loss

After a significant loss, we are usually hit with a lot of sudden changes, and then we find out that our relationships can change too. The secondary loss of friendships or family relationships on top of our primary loss can increase the sense of isolation and loneliness.

Some of the ways relationships can be impacted:

  • The people you thought would show up for you didn’t.
  • The people you didn’t expect to be there were.
  • People may be awkward around you or don’t know what to say so they avoid you
  • People may say things that you feel are hurtful and you may feel misunderstood
  • You may not be invited to things because people think it could remind you of your loss or you may not want to attend events that remind you of your loss
  • Family members and friends may judge how you grieve or may be full of advice for you. 
  • If you lost a child, your friend group may be a constant reminder of that loss if they have children too.  If you lost a spouse, your friendships with other couples may change because you feel awkward with them or they feel awkward with you.  

It’s complicated, right? And everyone’s situation is different.  This can be a good time to reflect on how your relationships have been impacted, possibly reevaluate relationships and build new ones.  

In this series, we want to help you understand what may be happening with your relationships, Most of the time, problems are caused due to our friends or family members misunderstanding what grieving people need and our inability to tell them what we need.  So we are going to take a realistic look at your relationships and give you ways to help your friends and family help you.

Let’s go!